Birthdays and Thanks

Last week, we enjoyed a special family celebration. My husband Jack turned 76 years old. My sister-in-law Cindy had a birthday the same day, but she was less than half Jack’s age. Cindy and her husband David (Jack’s brother) live in China so it was a treat to have them here for a joint birthday party. The photos are courtesy of David and Cindy.

In addition to the birthday folks and their spouses, the partygoers included:

  • Jack’s sister Carol and her husband Sam
  • My sister Nancy and her friend Borrego
  • David’s daughter Marie
  • David’s son Scott, his wife Rachel, and their daughters Megan and Zoe

A couple of days after the party, I fell, and Jack has been taking care of me since then. I’m getting around a little on my own now, but for the first few days, he had to wait on me hand and foot.

I recall when we were undergoing premarital counseling nearly 42 years ago. The priest advised me several times to seriously consider that, since Jack is almost 14 years older than I am, I would probably spend years of my life taking care of an old man. In fact, he’s taken care of me far more than I’ve taken care of him. He cared for me for months after the stroke as well as for shorter periods following the dog bite, several surgeries, and a couple of other injuries. I am truly blessed!

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