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This weekend I put together donations for the Pick up a Book and Read Gala for San Antonio Youth Literacy. Several of my clients have given me books to donate, and I made up a package of my own. In addition to a few items for booklovers (like a clip-on book light) and copies of my published books, I created two CDs of work that is available only online as well as an excerpt from Dream or Destiny.

Though you can read the short stories and articles on my Web site, some of you may not have seen them. Help yourself if you’re interested …

Dream or Destiny – excerpt: chapter 1 (before final edits)

Short Stories – three short stories: The Gift, Trapped by Love, Journal of a Purpose-Seeker

Telling Carola’s Story  – Carola’s Story, a brief summary of the story of how Carola Spencer’s faith helped her to overcome a terrible workplace violence tragedy, and Mission Possible with God’s Help, an account of how I came to write her story in the book Look Beyond Tomorrow

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