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In January, I thanked commenters for the entire year of 2007 at once. I decided I wouldn’t wait that long again – creating that list took a lot more time and effort than I anticipated. In January, I started keeping track of comments as I replied to them, so this list for the first quarter of 2008 was much easier to compile.

Thank you to the 172 commenters for 300+ comments that created wonderful conversations. I have learned so much from you and have been so inspired and encouraged by your words and presence.

I appreciate every comment – and every reader who doesn’t comment, but I want to recognize a few of the most active participants in the community here.

Top Contributor (with an amazing 30 Comments):

Jeanne Dininni Writer’s Notes – Special thanks to you, Jeanne!

Major Contributors (8 to 10 Comments):

Jason Pearson Perfect Wealth Formula

Joanna Young Confident Writing

Laura Spencer Writing Thoughts

Mihaela (Mig) Lica Top Hosting Center

Renae Brumbaugh Morning Coffee

Robert Hruzek Middle Zone Musings

Outstanding Contributors (2 to 7 Comments):

Amy Derby Write from Home

Angela Williams Duea Pearl Writing Services and angelawd

bape Bathing Ape

Brad Shorr Word Sell, Inc.

cycling Deals on Bikes

David Bowman Precise Edit

Deb Punctuality Rules

Diane Luvs2Zumba

Georganna Hancock A Writer’s Edge

Helen Ginger Straight from Hel

isabella mori Change Therapy


Karen Putz A Deaf Mom Shares Her World

Lisa Gates – Design Your Writing Life (now 360 Alliance)

Matt Keegan The Article Writer and Word Journey

Meg Grandfather Clock Market

Michele Tune Writing the Cyber Highway

Mike Olbinski A Mike Life

Misti Sandefur Life of a Writer

Online Money

Opal Tribble Addicted to Writing

Tammy Hensel Dedicated Writer

Teresa CRM Software Guide

Thomma Lyn Tennessee Text Wrestling



Web 2.0 Directory

Yvonne Russell Grow Your Writing Business

Important Contributors:

Alina Popescu Words of a Broken Mirror

Annie of Feather Beds Best Feather Beds


Beauty Product Blog Fruity Beauty

Best Online Universities Better Online Education


Bobby Blog Chef

Bowling Alleys in Illinois US Bowling Alleys

Brad Hart Bradley & Katy

Cajun Cajun Crawfish Pie

Cameron Crosses and Angels

Carolyn B Drops of Blood

Celebrity Foods Celebrity Food Careers

Chantal Inkandescence

Charles Wilson AbleWise

Charter Flight Charter Flight

cheap hotel Paris Hotel de Belfort

Contract Printing UK Archant Print

Chris Stormer Versa Tables

Claudia Pena

Cohnsey Ventura Lasik

Cryxellis Celebrity Archives

Damien Cabral Xango RI

Dave Nimisis

David Help My PC

David Seragih Sermon Alive

Diabetes Blog

Dwayne Reaves Just Me

Edith Brown Jeteak Press Writer Blog

Father Jerry Sherbourne Fr. Jerry’s Jottings

fisker 1Juta: the Real Estate Blog

fizetés és állás Fizetesem

Fly Fishing Gear Fly Fishing for Beginners

Forrest Fine Art Photography

Frank Ohrens Squidoo – Alice ADSL

Fussgeruch Gegen Koerpergeruch

Gadget Smashless

George Lindemann Jr

Glenda Watson Hyatt Do It Myself Blog

Graduate Jobs UK Graduate Careers

handy karten Handy Prepaid Karten

Holiday Cottages UK Cottage Rental

Holly Woman Tribune

Honeymoon Packages Honeymooner’s Review Guide

Hope Wilbanks Hope Writes

Hummie Hummie’s World

Infrared Sauna

iPod Tatbox

Ivy Web Conferencing Zone

Jack Ammann aka Mr Lillie

Jackie Cameron Consult Cameron

Jacob Share Job Mob

Jasia Creative Gene

Jason A. Clark Inner 88

Jeane Michelle Culp Binding Ink

Jeff Gordon Theater


Joe City Home New York

John Hewitt Writer’s Resource Center

Jon Ups, Downs, Insane World of Freelance Writing


Julia Ward A Blinding Heart

Kevin Numerick A Time and a Place

King Van Lines

Kristin First HIPS

Laane Laane on the World

Lisa Cheapest Flights

Lisa Vella getting it write for you

Lori Widmer Words on the Page

Lost Forum

Madonna Lava Beat

Manchild When Least Expected

marcin PCHjaelp

MargoTutor Classes and Careers

Mario Unblock MySpace

Marta Phone Depot

Mary Emma Allen Home Biz Notes

Matt SAS Opportunity

Matthew Blog About Your Blog

Meg Babyland Gifts

Melissa Donovan Writing Forward

Merry Jelinek Mom and More

Michelle Gartner Smart Not Cheap

Mimmi Cool4Free

Molly Bratling

Neena A Mom’s Life at

New York Cosmetic Girl Best Morph Plastic Surgery

Night club Los Angeles The Mint in LA

Old Tech Stuff

Online Audible Books

Oregon Retiree Touchmark at Mt. Bachelor Village

Pet Steps Help Your Pets

Plastic Surgery Los Angeles


Prayers Online

Priscilla Palmer

promos Promo

Resume Maker Online

Rick Cockrum Shards of Consciousness

Robin Bayne

Robyn Brain Based Biz

Ronnie Sam Your Scared Seductive System

Sam Chan Acquire Wisdom & Live with Passion

SAS International

Scott Spiritual Tramp

Sewell Sewell Direct

Sharon Hurley Hall Get Paid to Write Online

Sial Top Hosting Center

Smartest Professor Ever

Social Networking Site595

Steve Bannister Mind the Gap

Steve Hayes Notes from underground

Student Information Student Style


tattoo removal cream ProFade

Thai Thaiphoon

Theda K Crayon Writer

Tom Mishef

tomdbtel 05wl

tv brackets deko mount

Two Write Hands

UK Travel Guide Travel Destination News

Vanessa Used Fort Lauderdale Cars

Ventura Horse Racing System

Webmaster Community

Webmaster Tutorials Site Armory

WFU Writing for You

Writers Forum


Zlatan Dzebic Cristiano Ronaldo

Thanks and apologies for any oversights or errors. I look forward to your future comments.

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