My Blog is an Outstanding Blog … and I’m a Little Nutty

Recently I’ve been noticing incoming links from blogs I’ve never heard of. I learned that this blog is included in Troy Worman’s list of Outstanding Blogs. I don’t know who added me to the list, but thank you to whoever you are.

In the past, I included a long list of recommended blogs  because I thought the blogs might interest my readers. However, Joanna Young inspired me to reconsider. She said she never posts lists of blogs unless she has visited and can personally recommend each one. That made sense to me, and I intend to follow the same policy. I appreciate the links from this list, and I’m confident that blogs on the list are worth checking out. However, I won’t include the entire list since I’m not familiar with all the blogs on it.

Jos at NoDirectOn awarded all the Blue Ribbon Bloggers the I’m a Little Nutty Award. That may seem a little frivolous for a blog that is usually serious, and it doesn’t fit my policy of responding only when the meme/award/tag fits the them of my blog. However there’s a special reason I like being called a little nutty. My mother, who died in 2003, had a little pillow on her favorite chair for years. Embroidered on the pillow were the words: “My family tree is full of nuts.” My sister still has that pillow today in the same chair it’s been in for many years. So I had to smile at the memory of my beloved mother and appreciate this award.

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