A Milestone: Post 300

Robert Hruzek shared that he doesn’t set blogging goals. I agreed with what he said and wrote this comment:

I’m a writer who loves words, not a statistician who loves numbers.

🙂 Now, I’m going to be inconsistent and talk statistics.  Today is a milestone day, so I looked up my stats to see if the numbers match the amount of fun I’m having.

Joanna Young also just celebrated a milestone – the 1000th comment on her blog.

My milestone today is my 300th post. My first post was on June 11, 2006, a little over 18 months ago.

The 300 posts have generated 2,023 comments. At first I didn’t really understand that a blog was supposed to be a conversation, and I only received 11 comments in the first six months. Guess I learned a little something since I received more than 2000 comments in the next 12 months!

Of course, Akismet has caught more than 40,000 spam in the same time period – twenty times as many spam comments as legitimate ones! If only those were real comments …

I have a Technorati authority of 356 and ranking in the 13,000. However, that seems at odds with the traffic that Google Analytics reports: fewer than 100 visitors on most days. I’ve never got the plugin that runs all feed subscribers through Feedburner to work, so I don’t know if I have more than the dozen or so subscribers that Feedburner reports.

See, I’m confused by these statistics. I really do prefer words to numbers!

I’m not confused about this: the amount of fun I’ve had, the wonderful friends I’ve made, and the great conversations we’ve shared are immeasurable.

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