Print is dead?

Joe Wikert, executive publisher at Wiley, recently interviewed Jeff Gomez, author of Print Is Dead: Books in our Digital Age. The book is also available in electronic format from Connect. To get an idea of the content, you can read excerpts – text and audio – online.

As an e-publishing fan and advocate, this interview captured my attention. If you’re interested in the future of publishing, I think you’ll find it interesting.

My favorite answer is this:

… what’s held back eBook adoption isn’t that they’re not enough like regular books, but rather it’s that they’re TOO much like them. We need electronic books to do things that regular books can’t do, and that includes thinks (sic) like search, hyperlinks and multimedia.

I prefer reading electronically, even if what I’m reading is just text. But I think e-books offer many opportunities “to do things that regular books can’t do.”

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