Coming Up around the Blogosphere: Group Writing Projects and Special Events

In addition of hosting a group writing project – It’s Funny NOW, But Then …, I’m making plans to participate in several group writing projects and blog events coming up soon. You might be interested in some of these (list in deadline/date order) as well.

Blog Day 2007 is “dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest.” On Friday, August 31st, each participating “blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs.”

Family Vacation Group Writing Project at Babylune offers a prize up to $100 (depending on the number of entries) for “the most entertaining, though/provoking [sic] and interesting reading” about a family vacation. Deadline is Friday, August 31st.

My own group writing project It’s Funny NOW, But Then … is designed to give us a good laugh and maybe learn something in the process. Write about something that you can laugh about now but that wasn’t funny when it happened. It can be an embarrassing mistake, a comedy of errors, a misunderstanding; it can be personal, job-related, anything at all. The deadline is midnight Central time on Tuesday, September 4th.

Special Edition: What I Learned From… Change – the current group writing project at Middle Zone Musings challenges us not only to write about change, but also to make a change! Deadline is midnight CST on Sunday, September 9th.

Blog Action Day, Monday, October 15th, bloggers across the Web will post on the subject of the environment.

I hope one or more of these opportunities resonates with you.

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