Adopt-a-Chaplain News

My chaplain friend, Fr. Jerry, introduced me to Ben Ferguson to edit a book Ben is writing. They met through Adopt-a-Chaplain, the organization that Ben co-founded and that blessed Fr. Jerry and his troops while he was stationed in Iraq.

A recent article in the Silicon Valley Community Newspapers tells more about this great project to support the troops by supporting the chaplains.

The nonprofit differs from other care package efforts, says Ferguson, 69, in that boxes are sent to chaplains, who in the course of doling out treats can offer counsel to troops shy about seeking it. Chaplains are one of the troops’ constant sources of spiritual support, morale and counseling, Hoebeke says.

There are a number of excellent organizations to support our troops – see the list in the sidebar, and all of them have something valuable to offer. Adopt-a-Chaplain is unique in that it helps chaplains meet the spiritual and emotional needs of soldiers.

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