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Yesterday’s post highlighted one “good news” Web site, Gimundo, because that site had declared June 21 as Good News Day.

However, in the comments, a reader pointed out another “good news” Web site: Since several people commented that they appreciated hearing about good news, it seems worthwhile to point out this and other “good news” sites. is more in the format of a typical news site. Unlike Gimundo, this site – which gets its stories from citizen reporters, freelance writers, and wire services – carries a lot of advertising. Nevertheless, the stories are all positive and upbeat, so if you’re looking for more positive news, it’s another choice.

CharityFocus, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, offers DailyGood, a daily positive quote by e-mail; interviews; videos; and inspiring stories. This site offers these services ” without any costs, advertising or agendas.”

Good News Network shares good news with an “audience {that} shares a set of values that lead to a common ground. For instance, our target audience shares a commitment to personal development and environmentally-friendly living.” The site originally went online in 1997 and offers news in several categories, as well as an Editor’s Blog. There is advertising on the site, but it is not intrusive.

Positive News Network has the mission of “helping you stay positive.” It features Mr. Positive’s blog, an e-mail newsletter of positive quotes, and links to other positive sites.

There are many sites and blogs that offer positive thinking and inspiration from a religious or self-improvement perspective. Perhaps I’ll highlight those in another post.

In the meantime, if you have a favorite “good news” site or blog that isn’t listed here, share it in a comment, and I’ll update this list.

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