Update on Fuel My Blog

I wrote about Fuel My Blog, the Great Wall of Blogs a few days ago when I first signed up and promised you an update.

The number of blogs on the home page has more than doubled since I added my blog, along with Devotionals from Father Chip for my church and Writing the Westward Sagas for my client David Bowles. And Fuel My Blog has added four more pages, all of which have a few squares taken.

The site has its own blog and newsletter and the site’s owner, KevinĀ  Dixie, will soon be interviewing bloggers on a weekly radio show. Every communication from Fuel My Blog is filled with enthusiasm and exciting plans to grow the site and build readership.

I tried to gauge the number of clicks for each of the blogs I submitted. However, each time I selected “View Clicks,” the numbers were so disparate that I couldn’t make sense of them. For example, the highest number of clicks was 63, then 180, then 63 again. (Yes, in case you’re wondering, I did refresh the page.) Fuel My Blog showed 16 clicks on my blog, but my Web site stats showed only 2. But hey, that’s two people who found my blog who hadn’t heard of me before, and I’m happy about that!

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