As Shadows Fall

Grace Anne Schaefer’s next book, As Shadows Fall: People of the Frozen Earth Book Two, is scheduled for release in January 2007.

Book One: The New Day Dawns has created a bunch of ardent fans eagerly awaiting the sequel. It has also received excellent reviews, the latest a 5-Angel review from Fallen Angel Reviews.

Having read As Shadows Fall, I can attest that it is as good as The New Day Dawns. I told you about reading the book aloud to edit. I think that’s the best way to catch errors that are easily missed by reading silently from a printed manuscript or from a computer screen. As many edits as this book has gone through, it should be perfect. I don’t think there’s ever been a perfect book … there’s bound to be something that slipped through … but we tried!

You can read the first chapter of As Shadows Fall by going to either People of the Frozen Earth (where you can learn more about Grace Anne and the People of the Frozen Earth) or GASLight Publishing (where you can also check out some other great books – including my own Stroke of Luck🙂  

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