Dreams, Visions, and Signs from God

I wrote last week about the sudden and unexpected death of my niece. The family was especially concerned about the reaction of Millie’s younger sister, who has been profoundly handicapped, both physically and mentally, since birth. In fact, for many years, doctors gravely told her mother that she would die very soon or before a certain age—but after she’s been alive for four and a half decades, the predictions have long since ceased. However, Becky and Millie were extremely close, not only as sisters but also as Millie was one of Becky’s caregivers. All Becky knew at the end of the day was that Millie was in the hospital, and Becky couldn’t call her to wish her happy birthday.

After Millie died early Thanksgiving morning, the family called a minister Becky was close to and asked the pastor to help tell Becky about her beloved older sister’s death. The preacher asked Becky how she was, and she responded, “I had the best dream. I don’t know where it was, but it was the most beautiful place!” Then she named all the people she had seen in the dream: her father, all her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends. She continued, “They were all so happy! It made me happy, too.”

The minister explained, “That beautiful place you saw was Heaven, and all those people were so happy because they were welcoming Millie home.”

God blessed Becky with this beautiful dream to show her that Millie is happy, healthy, and home. Becky and all of us who love Millie will continue to grieve for our loss, but we will rejoice for Millie.

Becky’s dream reminded me of two similar blessings I experienced around my husband Jack’s death—an incident not long before his death and a dream shortly after he died. I describe these double blessings in a blog post I wrote on the ninth anniversary of his passing.

Thank you, Lord God, for blessing Your children with dreams, visions, and signs to give us comfort and peace in difficult times. We give You praise and honor and glory. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Photo: l_g0rZh/Depositphotos.com

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