The Promises of God: Advent Devotional

During Advent and Lent, I generally follow a Bible reading plan. I journal a short meditation and write a brief prayer on each day’s reading. I publish the devotionals in a future year.

Download The Promises of God in PDF to read online or to print or your computer printer. I hope you are blessed by these Scriptures, thoughts, and prayers during this holy season.

In the past, I have published the devotionals in a print book and donated the profits to Love for Least, “sharing the compassion of Christ with an unreached world.” To make the devotionals available to more people, I am publishing them electronically without charge. I wholeheartedly support everything Love for the Least does, and I encourage you to learn more about the movement at I pray that what you learn will encourage you to support their work.

May His blessings abound in your time alone with the Lord.

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