6 Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout: Guest Post from Mary Aspen Richardson

Blogging is one of those occupations that are hard to do well unless you genuinely enjoy them. However, what happens when the activity you were once passionate about suddenly becomes a burden and a major anxiety trigger? Even though this is what nightmares are made of for most writers, it’s vital to remember there is no reason to panic as the situation is reversible. Here are 6 ways to avoid blogger burnout.

1.      Set realistic goals

The start of any blogging journey is usually filled with enthusiasm and euphoric motivation that can easily lead to unrealistic expectations and goals. Because of this, it is imperative to objectively and soberly think about what you want to achieve.

Remember that your writing will likely be of higher quality if you don’t have to stress about posting every day. Allowing yourself the luxury of a flexible schedule will ultimately make you more productive. Therefore, if you notice your expectations are giving you a headache – set the bar lower. There’s no shame in sustainable goals!

2.      Don’t feel obliged to say yes

More often than not, blogging consists of collaborating with many different people, brands, and sponsors. While establishing relationships and connections can help you on your road to success, it can also become quite overwhelming and distracting.

Just like in life, learning how to say no in the blogging world can be game-changing. In return, this will allow you to invest your time and energy into things that matter. So, don’t be afraid to decline that sponsored post, unpaid review, or anything else you don’t feel like doing.

3.      Take time away

For someone who wants to succeed in today’s aggressively competitive blogging world, resting might seem counter-intuitive. However, bear in mind that overworking yourself is a sure-fire way toward burnout. On the other hand, time away from work can do wonders for your focus, inspiration, and productivity.

Make sure to set your working hours and respect them. Use your weekends for recharging your batteries and relaxing. Also, don’t forget to allow yourself a vacation once (or twice) a year and make it free of anything blogging-related. Remember – being a good boss to yourself is one of the most effective ways to avoid blogger burnout.

4.      Turn off the notifications

Social media can be an excellent tool for promotion and exposure. Nonetheless, it can be extremely easy to lose yourself in the comments and notifications. Even if you think other people’s opinions can’t do much damage, know that these are often the silent killers of productivity and confidence.

Think of your blog as your home, and don’t let people disturb you whenever they feel like it. Sometimes, ignoring (or turning off) the notifications is the best thing you can do on your blogging journey.

5.      Find inspiration through change

Sometimes, all you need to do to kick start your writing is to try something new. You can try to use different types of blog writing, change your logo or freshen up your workspace. Newness in any way, shape, or form is an excellent way to change your perspective and invite inspiration.

6.      Remember your passion

Contrary to popular belief, blogging can be a hectic occupation. The busyness and distractions are often the main culprits behind the lack of motivation. So, if you want to find ways to avoid blogger burnout, you have to remember why you started your blog. Whether it’s your passion for writing or something else, tapping into that initial enthusiasm will surely help you get back on track.

Photo: Lacie Slezak at Unsplash
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