Social Worker and Supervisor Guidelines

Valda Haywood has spent more than three decades as a Child Protection Investigator, Child Welfare Worker, Contract Monitor, Court Liaison, Supervisor, and Administrator. Currently she offers coaching and training to social workers and social work supervisors. She has created workbooks to help child welfare social workers and supervisors, especially those in their positions, learn the nitty-gritty details of doing their jobs. I was honored to edit Valda’s books and guide her through the publishing process. The books are aimed at a very specific target market, and I believe they are very valuable to social workers working in child welfare and their supervisors.

Valda’s books are Social Worker Guidelines: Social Worker Edition (for child welfare social workers) and Success Secrets For Social Workers Supervisor’s Edition: Manual for Supervisors (for child welfare social worker supervisors).

I asked Valda a few questions about her writing experience and advice she would give to other professionals desiring to share their knowledge.

Tell me about your books. My book provides guidelines to social work supervisors and workers or case managers to help them in their jobs. 

What are your qualifications to write these books? I worked in the social work field with the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services for 32 years before retirement. I was employed as an investigator, case worker for intact and placement families, supervisor and area administrator, assistant regional administrator, and acting regional administrator. I continue to work in the field of social work post retirement.

Why did you write your books? I remember graduating from college ready to save the world and help people become better. I worked a few practicum sites and thought I was ready. I wasn’t prepared for the reality of really working with people. I had to learn the difficult way and sometimes I failed. My hope is this book will help social work students to be better prepared to deal with the real social work field. 

Where and how do you sell your books? Amazon and direct to customers.

Describe the process involved in writing your books. I wrote the initial manuscript then presented it in a training to supervisors and case workers for a private agency in the Metro East Area.

What are your goals for your books? I would like for this book to be a part or all BSW & MSW college programs.

Do you have any advice for other professionals who would like to write about their area of expertise? Take advantage of all the knowledge you have and write it down. What you write will help someone.

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