Devotion for Wednesday after Lent 3

All who see me sneer at me;
They separate with the lip, they wag the head, saying,
“Commit yourself to the Lord; let Him deliver him;
Let Him rescue him, because He delights in him.”
~ Psalm 22:7-8

Especially in today’s politically correct environment, people sneer at Christians who commit themselves to the Lord. We may even risk our jobs and our earthly treasures if we stand for truth and righteousness. Just as onlookers sneered at Jesus on the cross, saying “let his God rescue Him,” people sneer at Christians today. But those sneers aren’t the final word: God was still in control at the Crucifixion, and he is still in control today. He will rescue us, whether He saves our jobs or our earthly treasures or not.

Almighty God, You are sovereign, and I know I can trust You to rescue me. Even if you don’t save me according to human standards—even if I lose my job or my worldly goods or even my life, You will save me when and where it counts. You will save me from eternal damnation to eternal life with You. Thank You! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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