Devotion for Wednesday after Lent 2

O God, hasten to deliver me;
O Lord, hasten to my help!

~ Psalm 70:1

How often do we cry out to God for help? We need His help to meet our basic needs and our highest goals. We need His help against danger, sickness, worry, temptation, fear, and doubt. But we also need His help to make the right choices, to love our brothers and sisters, to appreciate the blessings He gives us. We need to feel His presence in good times and bad. What a blessing to be able to cry out for His help and know that He will respond with the help we need.

Thank You, Lord, that You will answer my cry for help. I depend on You for everything, and I need Your help to live and to love the way You want me to. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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