Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, and I was so blessed to share an incredible love with Jack, my husband of forty-five years. The poems that follow are some I wrote for him early in our relationship, and our love grew even stronger through the years. I wish that kind of love for everyone.

But we also share many kinds of love other than romantic love. My mother’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day, so I always think of family love on this day, as well.

May your life be filled with love of all kinds.

Love is not an accident;
Man is not wise enough to plan it—
Therefore, it must be ordained of God.

I Believe

I believe in beauty,
for I have seen the beautiful;
I believe in truth,
for I have known the truth;
I believe in faith,
for my faith has been restored;
I believe in hope,
for my hope has been fulfilled.

I believe that life is good,
for life has been good to me;
I believe that wishes do come true,
for my wishes are coming true;
I believe that miracles do happen,
for miracles have happened to me;
I believe that love is real,
for my life is filled with love.

The beauty I have seen is in our love;
The truth is in it too.
You have restored my faith, My Love,
And my hopes are fulfilled by you.

The goodness of life you have shown me;
My wishes are all about you;
The miracles I know are you and our love;
And the love that we share is true.


I’ll love you forever—
From now until eternity;
Darling, I’ll be true.

A devoted help-mate ever,
Your constant companion I’ll be,
For I love you.

My soul fills with emotion,
Tears of joy down my cheeks flow,
For your love.

Time lessens not my devotion;
Daily my love will grow,
For you I love.

Because of You

Because of you, my world is filled with kindness;
Because of you, my life is filled with joy;
Because of you, my dreams are filled with hope;
Because of you, my heart is filled with love.

Life is beautiful, because of you;
Joy is eternal, because of you;
Dreams are attainable, because of you;
Love is real, because of you.

Image: © Depositphotos.com/doroshin

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