Writing Celebrations


November 15th is I Love to Write Day.If you like to write, be sure to spend some time doing exactly that.

If you’ve ever thought of writing a novel or a memoir or a family history, today is a good day to start. But if you’d rather write in a journal, do it. Write a letter, write a poem, write an essay … whatever you write, just write.

I had always planned to write “someday,” but after I had a stroke at age forty-five, I realized “someday” might never come. So I started writing as soon as I physically able, and I’ve been writing ever since. Don’t wait for “someday” in the far-off future. Today is “someday.”

November is also National Family Stories Month and National Life Writing Month. If the family gets together for Thanksgiving, why not share favorite stories? Designate one person to write the stories down, and you have the beginning of a wonderful legacy.

You can continue to collect stories and compile them into a book. Or just type them up and print out copies for family members. You can get more ideas for writing a family history from my short ebook, Preserving Memories: How to Write a Family History . The book will be helpful for any type of life writing—memoir, autobiography, collection of family stories, family history, or anything about your life and the people in it.

Enjoy writing something today!

Image: © Depositphotos.com/petrograd99

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