PTSD Awareness Day

BackToTheWall_coverJune 27th is PTSD Awareness Day.

PTSD affects many people, including individuals who have been assaulted or involved in serious accidents or other life-threatening situations. However, many, many of the people who suffer with PTSD are those who have been traumatized to protect us—soldiers, police officers, and paramedics. 

Even if we don’t anyone personally know anyone with PTSD, we should be concerned. Our safety has been ensured by men and women who endured extreme trauma for our benefit.

If you do know someone personally with the condition, I highly recommend the book I Always Sit with My Back to the Wall. I’m proud to say I edited this book for the authors, a psychiatrist and a chaplain/trauma counselor, both of whom have extensive experience. They address the physiological, emotional, and spiritual affects of PTSD, and most importantly, give clear and simple guidance on managing PTSD. Since most of the authors’ experience is with veterans and active duty military personnel, the book is geared for combat PTSD, but I believe anyone experiencing PTSD from any kind of situation would find it helpful.


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