The End of Comments

communiate_olly18I have had comments on my blog since I started blogging almost nine years ago. Of course, I didn’t actually get my first comment until some time later, and boy, was that exciting! Although I’m not sure of the exact count, I’ve had somewhere around 25,000 comments through the years.

However, comments are no more. In recent years, social media like Facebook and Twitter have become far more prominent than blogs. Since my posts here automatically post on Facebook and Twitter, people are more apt to leave comments on social media than here.

Now I get far more spam than real comments from readers. Since I haven’t had a real comment in weeks, I’ve decided it’s not worth the effort to deal with the spam and for my associate Jan to keep the comment plugins up-to-date.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me or complete the form on my contact page. Or reach out on social media!

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