Adoption, Diabetes, and Military Families

Calendar PagesWhat do adoption, diabetes, and military families have in common?

All are recognized during the month of November. In addition to dozens of other national days, weeks, and months, November is:

  • National Adoption Month: a cause very important to me for two major reasons: 1) Being passionately pro-life, I want every child to be born and to be part of a loving family. If the mother is unable or unwilling to raise the child, adoption is the solution. 2) My husband and I were not able to have biological children, and we would have been childless if we hadn’t adopted our son. I consider myself very blessed to be a mother.
  • National Diabetes Month: another cause very important to me because so many people in my life have been affected by the disease. Not only do I have diabetes myself, but so my best friend and her husband. My mother died of complications of diabetes, and her mother and all her siblings also suffered from diabetes. In addition to Alzheimer’s, my husband had diabetes and required daily insulin shots.
  • Military Families Appreciation Month: something that doesn’t affect me directly but that indirectly affects every one of us who benefit from the service of our military. Their service doesn’t require sacrifice only from military members, but also from every member of their families. Young children miss their fathers or mothers who are deployed to fight for our freedoms. Spouses carry the load of family responsibility while a service member is deployed in addition to worrying about their safety. Families don’t get to choose where they live or many other basic things we take for granted. Thank you to each and every member of each and every military family! We recognize and appreciate your sacrifices.

With this post and others I’ve written this month, I’ve identified the national days/weeks/months observed during the busy month of November most important to me. Do you have other favorite November observances?

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