Read an Ebook Week=Free Ebooks!

Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless eBook ReaderMarch 2 – 8, 2014 is Read an Ebook Week at Smashwords. During this promotion, you can find ebooks discounted 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Discounted books require a coupon code at checkout—use coupon code RW100 for books that are free during the promotion.

Read an Ebook Week was started several years ago, back when ebooks were novelties, to introduce readers to  ebooks and to encourage those who had never tried an ebook to give the new medium a try. Today just about everybody is familiar with ebooks, so the need for educating the public about ebooks has lessened. Now Read an Ebook Week is focused on giving readers an opportunity to stock up on great ebooks and save money. Even those readers who prefer to read print books can appreciate a good bargain!

Two of my books are free this week at Smashwords, as well as a novelette that is always free.

Fern’s Fancies – humorous contemporary romance

When Fern Tate sold her interior landscape company to a national corporation, she didn’t expect to have a boss like Pendleton Morgenthal, III. Had she made the biggest mistake of her life? Pen never allowed a woman—especially a subordinate—to distract him from his fast-track career. What was it about Fern that made her different?

 Jack Stories – biographical anecdotes about the late Jack Jordan Ammann Jr (the love of my life)

Jack Jordan Ammann Jr. was smart, funny, opinionated, assertive, upbeat, generous, tenacious, independent, determined, self-confident, perfectionistic, and unconventional. He enjoyed three careers during his lifetime: industrial engineer, peace officer, and school bus driver. His interests were many—amateur radio, guns, cars, and collecting (watches, flashlights, key chains, you name it.) After Jack’s death, friends shared their favorite “Jack stories,” funny and serious, short and long. Jack touched many lives with his generosity, strong personality, loyalty, kindness, and humor. Enjoy favorite memories of a special man.

Trapped by Love: A Novelette – contemporary romance

Lori Hammond is used to spending all day working closely with her boss Derek Anderson. Their relationship changes, however, when the two of them are trapped in an elevator.

Take advantage of Read an Ebook Week to browse the catalog of free and discounted titles and download enough books to keep you reading for some time.

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