The End of the Line: Thanks to Commenters

In January 2008, I followed the lead of another blogger and wrote a post thanking everyone who had left comments on my blog in 2007. After that initial post, I posted quarterly thanks the first half of 2008, then I posted monthly thanks through 2012. Comments on the blog have dropped as people spend more time on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and less time reading and commenting on blogs. I returned to quarterly thanks in 2013, but sadly, blog comments have now dropped to the point that I will no longer devote individual posts to comment thanks. Although I appreciate comments as much—maybe more now that they are so rare!—I don’t feel I’m delivering value to all of my readers when I spend so many posts thanking my loyal commenters. So this will be the last regular public thanks, but it is definitely not the end of my gratitude!

Thank you

Thank you to the 33 commenters who left 72 comments in the last quarter of 2013. Your comments extended the conversation and added value and interest, and I enjoyed replying to every one of them. I appreciate all my commenters, especially those of you who consistently comment. Thank you!

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Kristy Migration Expert
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Sarah Eye Cream HQ
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gurav Security Direct
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Carlene n/a
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James McMahon RV
Jan McClintock We Need More Shelves
Lee Free Job Search Websites
Rey Canadian Nanny
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Adrien Passion Outlet
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Becca Dumper’s Handybin
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