Thanks to Commenters Third Quarter 2013

Thank you

Thank you to the 27 commenters who left 86 comments in July, August, and September. Your comments extended the conversation and added value and interest, and I enjoyed replying to every one of them. Like most blogs, I’m seeing the number of comments and the number of commenters drop as readers gravitate to social media sites rather than to individual blogs. I’m grateful to those of you who continue to come and those who come for the first time to read and comment on my blog.

This quarter, almost half of the comments came from two individuals—Kristy, Migration Expert, and Sarah, Eye Cream HQ—who each left 21 comments. Special thanks to Sarah and Kristy!

And thanks to those who read my blog—perhaps on Facebook or Goodreads or other social media—I appreciate any comments you leave on those sites. Most of all I appreciate each one of you for taking the time to read my random thoughts, on my blog or on social media.

Every month when I post thanks to commenters, I get questions about how I compile this list. I have explained my system in detail in Compiling Thanks to Commenters.


Top Contributors (21 comments each!)
Kristy Migration Expert
Sarah Eye Cream HQ
Major Contributor (8 comments)
Dawn Colclasure DMC Writer
Outstanding Contributor (7 comments)
Marian Migration Expert
Imortant Contributors (2-3 comments)
Jan McClintock Night Owl Sites
Christopher Roberts AboutMe/Christopher Roberts
Harry Websan Solutions
Jack Mamann, Sandaluk, & Kingwell, LLP
Marian Travel Visa Australia
Significant Contributors
Adrien Passion Outlet
Billie Houston
David Finansielt
Denis Mente-Communal
James McMahon RV
Karen Swim Karen Swim
Ken Pioneer Moving & Storage
Kristy n/a
Lavindra Texila American University
Lee Free Job Search Websites
Linda Lee Askmepc Web Design
Michael Christian Lingua
Nelson Martin Web Hosting
Raj Kumar Techie Jerry
Rey Canadian Nanny
Steve Standard Marketing
Steve Xenakis Fortune Innovations
Surenda Thapa Best Online Jobs for College Students
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