Storytelling at Lil Country Store

My sister and I are having fun with Lil Country Store. Although she is the one running the store on a daily basis, I get to order inventory and pay the bills. I also get to tell stories, and I love telling stories as much or more than writing stories.

We had storytelling as part of our grand opening, and folks loved it. We plan to set up a regular schedule for storytelling events. The first one is Saturday, August 31, 2013, at 2:00 PM.

The storytelling event is free and fun for the whole family. The adults will be in the cool, air-conditioned store, and the children will be outside on the front porch. Teens and preteens can choose to be with the children, with the adults, or to move from one to the other.

Not only will I be telling some of my favorite stories, but also we will open the floor for guests to tell their stories. Just remember, if you’re telling country tales, you must adhere to the sacred country tradition that at least 10% of your story has to be true. Otherwise, you’re telling tall tales—and we love them, too!

We are located 6 miles west of Dilley, in the Eagle Ford oil fields as well as near farmers in the community. We’re convenient to Dilley, Pearsall, Cotulla, Big Wells, San Antonio, Laredo, and everywhere in between those cities. We are currently open 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday. However, we will re-evaluate our hours when we get our beer license (should be soon!) and when hunting season arrives.

Come on out on August 31st armed with your favorite story to share! We look forward to seeing you at the storytelling!

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