Guest Post from Shaun Chatman: How to Keep Your Blog Updated With Your Smartphone

Blogging from your smart phone is a great way to use extra time spent waiting for buses, trains, and doctor appointments. Use these five tips to learn how to keep your blog updated with your smart phone.

Use Your Time Wisely

Why jot ideas into a notebook when you can add them directly to your blog? Here are some ways you can use pockets of downtime to update your blog from your phone:

  • Maintain a happy blog community with quick replies to comments.
  • Blog during peak times to attract social media sharers.
  • Edit on the go, so your blog can shine.
  • Research new ideas and take notes on your phone.
  • Create blog drafts for new ideas, and let them marinate until later.

Blog by Email 

Sixty eight percent of smart phone users access email on their phone daily. Some of these users also send blog posts by email with Blackberry curve phones, which offer an easy-to-use keyboard. To do the same, sign into your blog, access the settings screen, and activate email posting. You will receive a special email address to send your blog posts to.

Don’t forget to customize your settings if you would like email posts saved as drafts. If not, posts will go live as soon as you send your email.

Find the Right App

Apps are becoming the most common way to post a blog from a smart phone. Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal, and several other blog websites offer smart phone users a variety of blog posting apps. These apps are often a scaled-down version of the real site’s blog engines. And most allow users to easily draft, post, and edit blogs; reply to and manage comments; and post pictures.

Don’t Type It, Say It

Some blog providers, like WordPress, offer the ability to post blogs by voice. Users call into a special number, enter a code and record a message. Like email, bloggers must first activate this feature on their blog and receive the special code to enter when they call.

Users should become familiar with some quirks of talk-to-type programs before using them. Recordings may end if a speaker pauses for too long. For this reason, bloggers should know exactly what they want to say before blogging by phone.

Post Pictures on the Go

Smart phone cameras are far more advanced than their infant versions. There are also many photo editing apps, like Adobe Photoshop Express, available to turn the ordinary picture into extraordinary. An afternoon photo session in the park can turn into a great blog post before dinner arrives at your local bistro.

Don’t have the perfect picture for your blog saved on your phone? Easy access to the Internet allows you to quickly search for pictures on sites like Flickr.  And posting video blogs that are shot using your smart phone’s camera is yet another way to keep fresh, easily generated content on your blog.

When you blog from your smart phone, you will see your blog the way many of your readers do. When you see what your readers see, you can create easy-to-read posts with great visuals. Use these five tips to blog smarter not harder, and free yourself from your laptop.


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Shaun Chatman is a well-published author on many authority sites. He lives in Dunedin, FL, and spends his free time playing with his kids or advising friends on tech, gadgets, finance, and travel.

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