If Your Comment Doesn’t Appear …

Sorry Mouse - imageFirst, I must apologize to someone who emailed me to say she had left several comments and none had appeared. I saved the email in my inbox (at least I thought I did) and planned to check spam and see if her comments were going into spam. However, I must have had a senior moment and accidentally deleted the message. So if you emailed me and I did not respond, please contact me again, and I will more careful next time!

I encourage commenters to email me if their comments don’t appear. Usually the comments have ended up in spam for some reason. I just delete spam wholesale without looking at it unless I am aware someone is having trouble commenting, in which case I go through spam comments to see if the missing comments are there. If they are, I mark them “not spam” and approve them (assuming they are relevant).

A couple of people have left comments that just disappeared. They weren’t in the moderation queue and they weren’t in spam. If that happens, I ask the commenter to copy the comment into an email before submitting. If it doesn’t appear, send the comment to me and explain what happened, and I will post the comment for you. This is a rare occurrence, and I have no idea why it happens, but if it happens to you, please let me know.

I will respond unless I have another senior moment! If you don’t get a response from me within a couple of days, please send another message. I don’t ignore emails from readers.

Creative Commons License photo credit: csc1950

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