Thanks to January 2012 Commenters

Thank you to the 112 commenters who left 160 comments in January. Your comments extended the conversation and added value and interest, and I enjoyed replying to every one of them.

Every month when I post thanks to commenters, I get questions about how I compile this list. I have explained my system in detail in Compiling Thanks to Commenters.

Top Contributors (7 Comments)
David Affordable Writing
Dawn Colclasure DMC Writer
Matt Edit Me F.A.S.T.
Major Contributors (5 Comments)
Joey Blue Jet Cleaning Services
Matt Keegan Word Journey
Outstanding Contributors (3-4 Comments)
Michael Crossroad Web Studio
Bluestocking Life Less Brooke
Christopher Roberts Christopher Roberts
David Sell Textbooks
Dominique 4 Walls and a View
Stella Mykonos Gold
Significant Contributors (2 Comments)
Barney Pakown
Duncan William Duncan William Magician
Esther n/a
Jane Manny Villar
Jane Recover Deleted Files
Joy AFGO Counseling
Mollybe Molly Noble Bull
Ronald Phlebotomy Training and Certification
Simon How to Clean up Your Mac
Important Contributors
Advogado RJ David Nigri
Alex Nerd Force
Alex Ultraman Games
Alyson Actos Lawyer
Andrew Witts Chesterfield Heritage
Barney Party Events Unlimited
Beth Online Diamond Buying Advice
Bluestocking Bluestocking Guide
Bobby Bhindi Jewelers
Carol Hong Dr. Colin Hong
Catrien Four Seasons Gutter Guard
Charles Inventive Hitches
Charley Best Sulfate Free Shampoos
Chris Blog Dog
Chris Finance and Operational Recruitment
Chris Luxembourg Jobs and Recruiting
Collins Marlowe’s Wine Store
Daniel Bloggable Stuff
Dany SEO Backlink Checker Tool
Davi Nigri David Nigri
Denial Layover
Dennis What Is Obese
Diane How to Relieve Stress
Dixia Shi Ever Pretty
ed Forfait Mobile
Edward Swift Capital
Elaine Stock Everyone’s Story
Elvin Flamenco Lessons
Eric Festklanningar
George Cheapest Merchant Accounts
Hailey Villa Ledger on the Law
Harry Aqua Right Pools
Helen Ginger Straight from Hel
Jack ASUS Ultrabook
Jack Mailbox Works
Jack Snow Plows for Trucks
Jamal Surfside Spa
James AutoModZone
James Iron Industrial Fence, Inc.
James Jogging Strollers Parental Reviews
James McMahon RV
Jan The Office for Dental Arts
Jemmy IFixPhones
Jeo My Next Promo
Joe Hayes & Jarvis
John Golf Vacations UK
John How to Start a Blog
Jordan Xiong
Jozy Eyesight Correction
Karen Fisher-Alaniz Story Matters
Kent Chocolate Poker
Mark Jiffy Auto Glass
Mark Derikx Auto Price Canada
Marnie Allkind Joinery and Glass
Marshall Miller I Can Trade
Mathew TechSquad
Matt Spitsbergen Medicare Plans
Matthew Bacon Juno + Magento
May Habitual Traffic Offender
Maya Used Mobile PC
Megan Best Lawyer
Micky PE Spring
Mitchell Coral Cove Jamaica
Natalie Really Natalie
Nelson Protector Locksmith
niharika Davitt Corporate Partners
oleg PE Spring
Olga Natural Yoga Mats
Paul Sharon Cowen ReMax
qaswer Guaranteed Supplements
Renny Smile Canada
Rhio Kolobe Safaris
Rinata Online Cigarettes
Russ Jordano Handbags
sana Used Laptops PK
Shyr Sweet Life’s Journey
Spruit Social Work Salary
Terry Drain Rescue Plumbers
Thomas Ask the Doctor
Thomas Cruisin’ Tasmania Motor Homes
Thomas First 2BC
Vance Miller Medial ID Marketplace
Vance Miller New American Funding
Vanessa Lang n/a
Wes Party Ideas for Girls
yaron GMX
Zvi New York City Blinds
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