Thanks to December 2009 Commenters

Thank you
Thank you to the 162 commenters who left 242 comments in December, comparable to previous months. I appreciate readers taking the time to comment even when following busy holiday schedules. Your comments extended the conversation and added value and interest, and I enjoyed replying to every one of them.Every month when I post thanks to commenters, I get questions about how I compile this list. I have explained my system in detail in Compiling Thanks to Commenters.
Top Contributor (20 comments)
Jeanne Dininni Writers’ Notes
Major Contributor (10 comments)
C McCoffee The Coffee Bump
Outstanding Contributors (4-8 comments)
Matthew Robert Payne Personal Prophecy – Free
Betsy Content Made
Karen Swim Words for Hire
Si Leadership Expert
Dawn Colclasure Dawn Colclasure Blog
Significant Contributors (2-3 comments)
Helen Ginger Straight from Hel
Mark Duro-Design
Vincente Winchester Toys Period
Alina Popescu Words of a Broken Mirror
Andrew Good Honest Dollar
Antony Phonello
Brad Top Hemroids Treatments
Cath Lawson Cath Lawson
Darvin Best Ionic Air Purifiers
Dash Cosmetic Surgery
Emma Barcode1 UK
George Link  Building Services
Jeff Las Vegas Short Sales
Jez Mobile Phone Free Laptop
Joanna Young Confident Writing
Leanne Academic Editor’s Desk
Lindy Kindle 2 Reader
Lori Widmer Words on the Page
Matt Keegan Matthew Keegan
Oscar The Truth about Abs
Salim Squidoo: Panic Attack Tips
Steve Lift Chair Guide
tommy Home Improvement Blog
Important Contributors
Aditya SNV Infotech
Alexandra Alexandra Pierre MLM Blog Central
Alicia Mergo A1A Machinery
Andrew Murray Lifepath Team Zeus
Angie Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
ankit Cirtex Hosting
ankit FxPro
Annette Young Creative Competitor
Bak Crack Keygen Site
Becca Cardo Becca’s Thoughts
Benjamin Ackman Prospect Solution
Bob Muscle System
Bob More Las Vegas Wedding Photographer
Brad Shorr Word Sell, Inc.
Brian Margarita Makers
carsonlara n/a
Celeste Stewart Celeste Stewart
Chakru Discuss Life
Charles Link Building Services
Chris Bible SEO
Chris Muscle System
Christopher Cheap Gaming Computers
Chuggin The Coffee Bump
Daniel Mc The Mind of Daniel McCormick
Deb S Media by Sistrunk
Dhaval Gandhi Cosmetic Surgery Techniques
Dave Smile White Pro
Deb S Media by Sistrunk
Eddie Tembilung Guide to Gadgets
Ella Simply Gifts
Elmer Free Phone Chatline
Elsa Mattresses Guide
Frank Goley ABC Business Consulting
Imran Watch Trueblood Online
Jackie Mark My Words Media
jackson Prime Targeting
James Business Educators
James Fancy Dress for Less
Jason Freebie Shark
Jason Campbell Herbal H
Jennifer Megan Computers and Networks
Jenny SBP
Jenny Southampton City Web
Jeremy Craven Block Shopper
Jericho Rental Icon
Joanne Delaine Learn Yoga
Joe H. Business Opportunities Mentor
John Online Cash Success
John Romantic Sofia Apartment
John Jeracevich Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Josiah Fresh Tumblr Themes
juliussartine Affiliate Stop for Profit
Justin Case Raising Goats
Karin Tillotson n/a
Ken Reader Ebook
Kirstin The Residence Seminyak
Ko San Jose Homes for Sale
Kris Roxas Kris Roxas
Krista Discount Web Designer
lance We Live 2 Care
Larry Briner Play Pai Gow
Laura Spencer Writing Thoughts
lily Wall Painting Techniques
Linda Seamore Stephenson and Company
Louise Uprinting
Lutz Schwartz Cheap Hotel Zurich
Madoline Skirting and Bellows
Marc Hauser Nevada Health Plans
Mark Swiss Army Mens Watch
Mark Daniels Abs Workout
Marta Daniels How to Be a Better Restaurant Customer
Martin Gorlach
Masum Watch 90210
Matt Belcher Life Turnaround Now
Matt Keegan Word Journey
Meh A Capella Records
Michael Kwan Michael Kwan, Freelance Writer
Michelle Smile White Pro
monika Leones Consulting
Monique Maddison Brides of Australia
Mother Earth aka Karen Hanrahan Best of Mother Earth
myakub BD Lance
Nancy Die Cut Machines
Nancy Baby Play Mats
nikky SNV Infotech
Paisle Nirvana by the Sea
Patrick Sia Online Job Opportunities
Paul Custom Stone and Waterscapes
Paul Weight Lifting Forum
Pete Dzine It
Phil Break Pal
Phil Faren Zestah
phil job Job Openings
Philip n/a
Prash Movies, News, Reviews
Ramon1982 Reviews on the Jump Manual
Rebheka Incien
Renae Brumbaugh Morning Coffee with Renae
Richard IT Green
Rob 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
Robert Hruzek Middle Zone Musings
Robin My Two Blessings
Russell Cut Price Car Rentals
Ryan Health Care Blog
Sam Stone King Sewell
Samuel Sawyer Overcome Social Anxiety
Sarah Florida Drunk Driving Attorney
Shirazi Light Within
Simon Elf Costumes
Slaven Air Pro Air Conditioning
Spence Wooden Baby High Chairs
Spot Spot Cool Stuff
Stellamary Incien
Steve Yeap Job Interview Guide
Sujoy Hire Dedicated Web Developers
Suzanne Klamentz Direct Art Australia
Terry Freight Forwarders
Tess My So  Be
The Rock Port Douglas Motel
The Rock Wozzon London
Todd 1800 Pools
Tom Staffing and Recruiting Essentials
Tom Taylor CAD Courses
Tony Greg Design 2 Express
Trina Turk Ajs Clothing
Watt Boats on Sale
William Cole Advanced Web Marketing
Ziggy Tomorrow Something New
Zoe Baby Furniture Sets
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