Let’s End Domestic Violence

DVAMAs part of my efforts through the Million Voices Campaign, I am sharing information and resources about domestic violence during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

You will find many startling statistics on the Web site of the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH), including the following:

CDC  Adverse Health Conditions and Health Risk Behaviors Associated with Intimate Partner Violence – United States 2005

  • Each year, intimate partner violence (IPV) results in an estimated 1,200 deaths and 2 million injuries among women and nearly 600,000 injuries among men.
  • 23.6% of women and 11.5% of men aged 18 years or more have a lifetime history of intimate partner violence victimization.
  • Highest percentage for women is adults aged 45-54 (31.2%)
  • Highest percentage for men is adults aged 25-34 (21.4%)

These appalling statistics are for the United States, but domestic violence is a critical problem around the world.

Those of us who have never experienced abuse may find it difficult to understand why a woman—or man—who is being abused doesn’t just leave. However, the abuser has likely isolated the victim from family and friends, destroyed their self-confidence, and instilled such fear that the person being abused feels helpless. Also, the physical danger increases when a woman tries to get away from an abuser.

NDVH even has a quick-escape button on its Web site so someone can get away from the site to a totally unrelated site in case their abuser discovers them. The Web site also warns that Internet usage can be monitored, and if the visitor fears for their safety to call the hotline [1-800-799-SAFE(7233)] rather than risk having their visit to the site discovered.

It breaks my heart to think of anyone living in that kind of danger and fear. We must do all we can to save every victim, and that means we have to understand the problem and what can be done about it.

You can find excellent information and resources about domestic violence on the Internet. In addition to the NDVAM and NDVH sites, the National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women has extensive links to all kinds of information.

 When I started doing the research for Dream or Destiny, I spent hours following link after link. What I learned appalled me, but the first-person accounts of abuse victims touched my heart and motivated me to do something.

The first thing I did was to write my story. I hope Dream or Destiny is an intriguing mystery and a compelling romance. I hope it also educates readers about domestic violence and motivates them to want to help as well.

Dream&FernDuring National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I am donating $5 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline for every sale of Dream or Destiny. I will also give every purchaser a free e-book of Fern’s Fancies as a thank-you for helping me do something.

You can order Dream or Destiny from the publisher, Amazon.com, or directly from me. If you order directly from me, I will make the donation and send your e-book from the information on the order. If you order from the publisher or Amazon.com, please complete the form below so I can send you the e-book and make the donation.

Note: request form removed 11/1/09 as promotion is over.

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