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Thank you to the 182 commenters who left 256 comments in September. This is more comments from more commenters than in August, when I still allowed comments from keywords. I’m glad to see that requiring names didn’t slow down the comments. Your comments extended the conversation and added value and interest, and I enjoy replying to every one of them.
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Jeanne Dininni Writers’ Notes
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Andrej Red Orbit
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Andy Forex Trading Robot Reviews
Anil Gupta Scope for Money
Anna Bukisa: Against School Uniforms
Annabel Forex Trading Info
Audrey Ross Miami Real Estate
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Bert Uprinting
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David Pandora Graduate Admission Essay Samples
Dean Birinyi Dean J. Birinyi Photography
Deb Punctuality Rules
Debb Snorkeling Online
Debbie Drummond The Las Vegas Luxury Home Pro
Diaz Buy Electric Guitar
DJ Bible College Guide
Elin B. n/a
Elizabeth Personal Statement Medical School
EmDee Self Catering Holidays UK
Engel Background Unlimited
Eric Datacolor
Evan Fence Gates Railing
Gary Acai Berry Hub
Glenn Successful Candle Making
Greg Horse Tack Saddle Supplies
Greg Satell Digital Tonto
Irene 99 Bytes
Jackie Cameron Consult Cameron
Jacob Chronic Bad Breath Cure Club
Jake Gift Zip
James 32 LED TV
James Cheap Wine Glasses
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Janice Obayoo
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Juergen Sober Kreditrechner-4u
Karen Putz A Deaf Mom Shares Her World
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