Thanks to December Commenters

Thank youI appreciate the 178 comments left by 104 commenters in December, and, as usual, I responded to each one.  I’m also thankful for the silent readers, so accept my thanks even if you don’t comment.

This month, I’m pleased that I have fewer comments from “Hawaii Private Eye” and more from “Joe Blow@Hawaii Private Eye.” I can address the commenter as a real person instead of a keyword, and he still gets his keyword link, courtesy of KeyWord Luv. I really don’t like to carry on a conversation with keywords. 🙂

Top Contributor (18 comments)
Wilson, Will You Mind

Major Contributor (15 comments)

Outstanding Contributors (4-9 comments)
Helen Ginger, Straight from Hel
Janet Kaderli
Bluestocking, The Bluestocking Guide
Brad, A-1 Medical Supplies
Renae, Morning Coffee

Significant Contributors (2-3 comments)
Andy, Cheap Queensland Housing
Justin, East Coast Airsoft
Mihaela (Mig) Lica, Online Public Relations
MJ, Mary Writes Romance
Morgan Mandel
Alina Popescu, Words of a Broken Mirror
Andy, Hart Granite
Brad Shorr, Word Sell
Charlotte Phillips, Char’s Book Reviews
Gary Sims, BibleBase Second Thoughts
Jeanne Dininni, Writers’ Notes
Joanna Young, Confident Writing
Matt Keegan, Matt’s Musings
Robert Hruzek, Middle Zone Musings
Tina, Tina Fountain Realtors
Titan, Bags Online

Important Contributors
Adam, Hayalet Yazar
Andrew Koen, AM Horizons
Andrew, Good Honest Dollar
Andrew Jacob, Stream Max
Ashwin, Software Hacker
Bill, Newport Financial Services
Carloss, Lacotera
Carrie, Canon XSI
cel, Simple Delights
Chicago Cardiology, North Shore Cardiology Clinical Service
Dae, Hypotheque Quebec
Dani, Blog Book Tour Guide
Daphne, Acne Remedy
Deborah Bradley, Trusler Menduni PLLC
Don, Storm Reviews
Donna Malone, Granbury Home Center
DTV Antenna, Indoor HD Antenna
e-file, Eastrovedica
Elaine Hopper, Happily Ever After
Erwin Tan
Essay Writer, Best Buy Essay
Farhan, Mester Web
Franklin, Hearthstone Homes
Franklin, Teachers Paradise
Gini, Gini’s Magic Blog
Gwyn Ramsey, Ramsey’s News Corner
Heather, BB Size
Jackie, Smoking Helper
James Lloyd, Presentation Fire
Jean, Indoor Crafts
Jean, Komodo Dragon
Jenny, Delta Burke
Jenny Crystal, Jenny’s Life
Jessica Bradbury, Debt and Credit
Jessie, MiB Smarter Money
Jill Hin, Price Comparison
John, Fiskehistorier
John, Miele Canister Vacuum
John Henn, Price Comparison
Jordan, Jordan Taylor
Joyce Porter, My Window Treatment Pro
Karen Swim, Words for Hire
Latif, Delta Debt Management
Lex Harrow, Web CPE
Lilla, Social Media Helper
Lisa Watson, Karate Mart
Lori, Words on the Page
Luke Gedeon
Mark, Anniversary Rose
Marketing Ideas, Marketing Minefield
Martha Hilliard
Marvin Wilson, Free Spirit
Merry, Mom and More
Mike Linley, Top 10 Scariest Movies Ever
Monique, Elite Submission Services
Monty J, Price Comparison
Nasia, Freelance Zone
Niels, Easy Blog
Nina, Toykin
PaddyPower, WOSB
Paul, Paul Counts
Paul. Think Horses
Paxil Defects
Peter Parker, Streamline Alliance
Product Reviews, Rating HQ
Robyn McMaster, Brain Based Biz
Sam, Ask Sam Knoll
Shaant, Religion and Esoterik Bucher
Shaneen Clark
Shari Lyle-Soffe
shirazi, Light Within
Simon, PC Software Reviews
Susan, Oceanside 411
Tania, Free Ipods Etc
Utah Property Insurance, NAI Utah
Van Theodorou, World Net Long Distance
Writing on Writing
Yvonne, Pest Control Aid
Zeriva, Your Power 2 Be

This marks a full year of thanking commenters monthly (though often belatedly!). I’m glad that each commenter and each reader spent some of their time in the blogosphere with me in 2008 and look forward to your continued visits this year.

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