The Secret Is Finally Out: BLOGAPALOOZA

wilf-christmasYou’ve probably seen those mysterious hints around the blogosphere of something big coming to Middle Zone Musings soon. And you’ve probably been wondering what in tarnation Robert is up to now!

The secret is out. You can read the complete announcement at BLOGAPALOOZA – What I Learned From 2008.

To participate, write a post with a bulleted list linking to your favorite post from each month you blogged in 2008 (12 posts if you blogged all year). Send it to Robert, and he’ll post it as a guest post on his blog.  That means you’ll have twelve incoming links—which is great for SEO—plus you’ll introduce your blog and your favorite posts to lots of folks who haven’t discovered you yet.

The kick-off is today, and the Blogapalooza runs from January 5th through January 25th. Robert’s goal is 100 entries, and the sooner you get yours in, the sooner he’ll post it. You don’t want to miss out on this one! Head over Middle Zone Musings for all the details.

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