Thanks to October Commenters

In spite of the delay in expressing my thanks, I appreciate each of the 123 commenters in October and each reader, whether or not you comment.  

Top Contributor (32 comments)
Jeanne Dininni, Writers’ Notes

Major Contributor (13 comments)

Wilson. Will You Mind

Outstanding Contributors (3-6 comments)

Karen Swim, Words for Hire

Bonnie, Data Plus

Renae, Morning Coffee

Alina Popescu, Words of a Broken Mirror

Brad, A-1 Medical Supplies

Jack J Ammann Jr AKA Mr Lillie, Jack Ammann

Joanna Young, Confident writing

Justin, East Coast Airsoft

Lars, Bad Credit Nic

Tertius, Stay Fresh Up

Significant Contributors (2 comments)

Cath Lawson

Deb, Long Beach Island Summers

Fiona, The Crafty Writer

Jennifer, Uptake

Jill Hin, Fashion Kick

Matt Keegan, Matthew Keegan|Musings and Word Journey

Mihaela (Mig) Lica, Online Public Relations

Rodney Smith, Crafty Writer

Stu, Swole Fitness

Truby, Truby’s Home Biz

Important Contributors

A-1 Medical Supplies

Allen, Trampoline Reviews

Amanda, Natural Cures for You

Andrew, Good Honest Dollar

Andrew Green, EZine Articles Expert Author

Ashley, How to Save a Marriage

Acai Berry Review

Andy, West Florida Components

Anti-Wrinkle Sunscreen, UV Exposures

Billy Swordman, ID Protection Reviews

Bryan Alwight, Bowflex Reviews

Chiky Miky

comprar videojuegos, Llevante

Cool Gadgets, Coated

Craig, National Merchants Corp

Crystal Layden, Proform Reviews

currency forex, Forex Strategy Secrets

Dan, Anxiety Panic Attack Cures

David, OzScopes

David Clifford, Bad Credit Car Loanz

Deb, Punctuality Rules

Dennis, Best Merchant Credit Account

Didi, Diaryster

Djembe Drums, Percussion Beat

Donna, Instant Scripture

Dubai Underground

Dwayne, Probably Sucks Blog

Emma, Bags Merchant

Erik H, Muscle Car Videos

Eugene, How Do I Start Blogging

Evelyn, Productive Pen

Skift Fagforening

Flash PHP Games

George, Forex Trading Hub

Georganna Hancock, A Writer’s Edge

Geriatric Nursing

Golf Article Syndication

Graham Gallagher, PC Enclosures Direct

Helen Ginger, Straight from Hel

Ice Melter

Ice Rabia, Insure Direct

iPhone Complaints, Cult of iPhone

James Anthony, Discover Black

Jamie, Hazelhut

Jason, No-Gi Grappling

Jasper Lesen, News Hitmeister

Jayme, Laney Pottery

Jen McVey, Favorite Puppy Names

Jennifer, Salon Collective

Johnnie, Debt Consolidation

Jonty, Press Release001

Karen H, Scobberlotch

Las Vegas Windshields

Lenin Nair, Cute Writing

Linda Morton, Auto Market Analysis

Lisa, Mobile Phone Fun Games

Mari Ann Lisenbe, Carbon Copy Pro

Matt, Free Consoles

Matthew, UV Exposures

Melissa Donovan, Writing Forward

Men’s Option

Met Art Spot

Michael, Filmes e Series

Michael, Image Frog

Mike, Schmitt & Co.

Mike S, Airbed Warehouse

milo, Triumph Smartguide 9900


mr mhz, Vegas Defined

Myron Tay

Nicole, Nicole on the Net

Kapoor Printers

Paul, Is My Location Online?

Paul Stone, Paving Land

Pet, Dog Mirror

Pete, Tsheets

Recycling Supply

Robert Hruzek, Middle Zone Musings

ru4real, Are You for Real

Ruth, Dog Training Tips

Sally Ferguson, Sally’s Words

sanja, Panknjiga

Sharon Hurley Hall, Get Paid to Write Online

Siouxland Cars for Sale

spice grinder,

Stacy, Getting Pregnant Tips

Steve, Learn the Kana

Stuart, How 2 Make Money On-line

system errors

Tammy Powell

Terry S, Darn Good Marketing

Tony, Industrial Computer Systems

UK Links Directory

Vicky Adams, Stop Smoking Now

Victor Lorenzo, Ezine Articles

Vin, Elite Ab Workout

Wanda Evans, Essay Writers

Wendy Myers, Uniquely You Planning

Wood Doors, Santa Cruz Entrance Door Systems

If you commented and aren’t listed or if your listing is wrong, please let me know so I can correct it.

Thank you, all my readers—commenters and quiet readers, alike!

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