Thanks to September Commenters

Though I’m late thanking my September commenters, that doesn’t mean I appreciate you any less. It just means I’m behind. 🙂 Thank you for continuing to visit and comment while I was revamping my blog.

I also want to thank the “silent readers,” those of you who visit and read without commenting. Joanna Young’s post In Appreciation of Silent Readers reminded me to let you know I appreciate you, too!

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kouji, A Haiku Poem Blog

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Wilson, Will You Mind
Jennifer, Uptake

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Karen Swim, Words for Hire
Renae, Morning Coffee
Tertius, FreshUp
Amy Derby, Write from Home
Joanna Young, Confident Writing
Justin, Going Green, Green Experience
Melissa Donovan, Writing Forward
Rita, Rita’s Digest

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A-1 Medical Supplies
Bonnie @ Data Entry, Data Plus+
Cath Lawson
China Company, Get Set Exchange
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Justin @ Airsoft Pistols, East Coast Airsoft
Internet Business, First One There
Kevin, Logorama
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Linda Morton, Strategic Market Segmentation
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Mike Goad, Exit 78
Offshore Hosting, Trilight Zone
Robyn McMaster, Brain-Based Biz
Small Business Merchant Accounts, Merchant Hotline
Helen Ginger, Straight from Hel

Important Contributors
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An American in France
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Totally Home, Totally Home
Travelinoma, Travelinoma’s Library
Andy, West Florida Components
Will, Buy Private Label Content

If I’ve overlooked anyone, leave a comment or send me an e-mail. And thanks again to both commenters and silent readers.

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