Thanks to August Commenters

August brought more comments from fewer commenters than July: more than 400 comments from 100 commenters. I appreciate each and every comment, though I prefer to respond to people rather than keywords as I explained in my last post about comments.

Thanks to these great folks who visited and commented in August!

Top Contributor (24 comments) She might have as many words as I do on this blog this month. 🙂

Jeanne Dininni  Writers’ Notes


Major Contributors (6-9 comments)

Cath Lawson      Cath Lawson

Uptake in Ohio  Uptake


Outstanding Contributors (3-5 comments)

Helen Ginger     Straight from Hel

John Hewitt        Poewar: Writer’s Resource Center

Karen Swim        Words for Hire

Rita        Bloggrrl

Suz         Uptake Attractions

A-1 Medical Supplies      A-1 Medical Supplies

A. Smith               Attractive Bust

Wilson  Will You Mind


Bonnie @ Data Entry      Data Plus+

Renae   Morning Coffee

Robert Hruzek   Middle Zone Musings


Significant Contributors (2 comments)

Alina Popescu    Words of a Broken Mirror

Amy Derby         Write from Home

Andrew Flusche, Fredericksburg Lawyer

Brad Shorr           Word Sell, Inc

Camaro for Sale

Diane    Her SCA Blog

Hart Granite

Harvey  Free PS3

Jacob     JobMob

Jason A. Clark

Joanna Young    Confident Writing

Laura Spencer   Writing Thoughts

Lionel    Acid 42


Monika Mundell               Writer’s Manifesto

Robyn McMaster             Brain-Based Biz

Yiwu      Amanda IEC


Important Contributors

ADS- ADHS – Hyperaktivitat

AdWords Advice

Alex       Fractus

Amaterashu       Shwoomp


arac kiralama      Alper Rent a Car

Bible Search       Bible Dictionary

Blogging Tips      Blog About Your Blog

Brian Armstrong               Utah Reverse Mortgage

Charlotte Dentist             Williams & Drake Dentistry

child safety services        Instant Amber


Ciara      Ciara Get Up

Coaching              Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness

Cristiana               Rome Rents

Custom Printed Mouse Pads      Print and Stitch

Data Entry Services         Data Plus+

David@Dioscount DSLRs               Discount DSLRs

Davina  Loving Pulse

denver Shine Solar

error fixer           Registry Optimizer

Find  a Job           Damn I Need a Job

Fluge Kanada     Ticket Point

funny news        No Nonsense News

Glyconutrients  My Glyconutrient Store

guy who needs cosmetic surgery              Cosmetic Surgery Facelift Guide

Hamurabi            Hamurabi’s Weblog

Indoor Lighting  Low Voltage Indoor Lighting Buyers Guide

Internet Business Opportunity  First One There

Jackie Cameron                Consult Cameron

James Chartrand              Men with Pens

Jane       Blogedy

Jasia       Creative Gene

Jesse     Chapter Bankruptcy

Jesse @ DTT901 Reviews              Digital Converter Box

Jessica  My Organic Gardening Tips

Job         Teen Job Finder

Joseph Mercola      

Kids Craft Zone

kouji      A Haiku Poem Blog

Larry Hood         

Liza Ray                                Men’s Health  Blog

Logo Design Templates Graphic Design Team

Loky       WowJuju

Magic Mummy  For Kids

Matt Keegan      Word Journey

Mihaela (Mig) Lica           Online Public Relations

Mike Goad          Exit 78

Mobile Blog        VaroLogic Blog

nintendo wii fit Wii Balance Board Games

Ohm      Simplistic Zen

Pad        Learn Aikido

Passive Harry     Free Poker Cash Bankroll

patrickd                Xlibris

pay per click management           isotree

Rainbow Painter

Sally Ferguson   Sally’s Words

Schuppen            Dermindo

Selma    Handy Mit Notebook

Shanker  Bakshi

Stephen               PostMilitary

Steve    H20 Fun

Tammy Hensel  Dedicated Writer

Techy    Technorino

willy       Lose Your Weight

Zen        Zen Tricks


If I’ve overlooked anyone or have any bad links, please let me know. Thanks to each of you, and thanks to those of you who read and don’t comment. I appreciate you all.  

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