Beginning the Year with Thanks

I’m not sure whether to thank or blame Lisa Gates at Design Your Writing Life for A Gratitude “MeMe” for “YouYou.”

On one hand, this post has taken more time and effort to compile than any other single post I’ve ever written. Lisa said it would be a challenge to do it manually, but I didn’t realize what a challenge until I spent hours at a time for several days copying and pasting from WordPress into a spreadsheet to compile the list. In fact, I intended to post this before the end of the year, but it’s taken this long to put the post together.

On the other hand, what a treat is has been to review a year’s worth of comments, remember great conversations, and think of commenters who have become good friends.

In the past year, 324 commenters have left more than a thousand comments on 230 posts. I have replied to every one, bringing the total number of comments to more than 2000. In addition to replying, I always visit the blog of every commenter who includes a link and end up subscribing to many of the blogs I visit.

More than the numbers impressed me as I went back through every comment in the last year. Some were short comments agreeing with something I said. Others were longer discourses that advanced the conversation by answering a question, providing more information, or sharing new insights. A few were lengthy explanations of why I was wrong, but all were respectful and thoughtful. I am awed and humbled by the amazing conversations we’ve had. Thank you to each commenter for your contributions to this blog in 2007. I look forward to your continued participation in the coming year.

About a third of the commenters left multiple comments. While I appreciate each comment, there are a few individuals who have to be singled out for being so much a part of this blog.

Top Contributors (50+ comments):
Mihaela (Mig) Lica, Pamil Visions’ E-Writings (60 comments)
Laura, Writing Thoughts (57 comments)
Yvonne Russell, Grow Your Writing Business (54 comments)
Jeanne Dininni, Writer’s Notes (51 comments)

Major Contributors (20 to 40 comments):
Matt Keegan, The Article Writer
Helen Ginger, Straight from Hel
Joanna Young, Confident Writing

Outstanding Contributors (10 to 20 comments):
Jack J Ammann Jr aka Mr. Lillie, Jack Ammann
Robert Hruzek, Middle Zone Musings
Lisa Vella, Getting it Write for You
Michi, Content Done Better
Thomma Lyn, Tennessee Text Wrestling
Michele Tune, Writing the Cyber Highway
Misti Sandefur, Life of a Writer
Mike Olbinski, A Mike Life
Hummie, Hummie’s World

Significant Contributors (2 to 10 comments):
Merry Jelinek, Mom and More
Karen Putz, A Deaf Mom Shares Her World
Writing Nag
Edith Brown, Jeteak Press Writer Blog
Sam Chan, Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion
Stephen Hopson, Adversity University
Alcohol Rehabilitation, Drug Rehab Center
Alicia, Writing Spark
Theda K., Crayon Writer
Angela Williams Duea, Pearl Writing
Bryan, One Man’s Goal
David, Blog Raters
Mary Emma Allen, Home Biz Notes
Brad Shorr, Word Sell, Inc.
Cade, Write to Right
Jasia, Creative Gene
Jeane Michelle Culp, Binding Ink
Liz Strauss, Successful Blog
Lori Widmer, Words on the Page
wordvixen, Quest to Write
A Mom and More
Angela/The Gack Ink Girls, Gack Ink
Char, Essential Keystrokes, ChrisBlogging
Denise, Freelancing Journey
doris chua, Home Office Women
Fr. Jerry Sherbourne, Fr. Jerry’s Jottings
Georganna Hancock, A Writer’s Edge
Jenny, Up the Hill Gang
Julia Temlyn, Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist (aka writer-editor)
Jyn Smith
Lara Kulpa, Anubis Marketing
Lisa, Work at Home Mom Revolution
Mike DeWitt, Spooky Action
Mike Seth, Hammer & Duct Tape
Pfunk, Pfunk’s Foolsophy
Phil Davis, How to Publish a Book
Ponn Sabra, Empower Women Now
raz godelnik, Eco-Libris
Sharon Hurley Hall, Get Paid to Write Online
Sheila, Go Visit Hawaii
website copywriter, Webmaster Labor
Amy Derby, Write from Home
AnitoKid, The AnitoKid on Billiards|Philippine Sports
Beth G. Sanders, bgsblog
Breezie, Shooting the Breeze with Breezie
Carpentry Jobs
Chamonix, Chalet 1802
cooliojones, My New Hustle
CyberCelt, Endangered Spaces
Dave RH, The Ancient Standard
David, Cooking, Recipes, and Kitchen Tools
David Airey
Deb, Punctuality Rules
Dorothy Thompson, Pump up Your Online Book Promotion
Ed, Dingmo
Evelyn, Productive Pen
GnomeyNewt, Blue Jar
Heather, Desperately Seeking Sanity
Jason A. Clark, Inner 88
Jerseygirl89, Dirty Little Secret
Jobs in Israel, Job Mob
Kate Baggott, Babylune
Linden man, Chinoy Ray
Liz, My year of getting published
Louiss, Blogging Secret
Manchild, When Least Expected
Mark, Mark (Unemployed)
MDB, Million Dollar Blog
Newspaper Printers, Archant Print
Paula Mooney, Paula Neal Mooney
Priscilla Palmer, Priscilla
Rabat Travel, Morocco Emotions
rob, robinsongo
Robyn, Brain Based Biz
Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa das, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa
Sue, I Breathe; Therefore I Write
surjit, Gurushabad
Sylvia C., Sylvia’s Insight
Tammi, Drawing on Words
Thisbe, Discount Spies
Timothy Lim, Singapore Chiropractic
Vikk, Down the Writer’s Path
Yang Yang, Stumble Upon Yang

Important Contributors (1 comment):
@Stephen, Productivity in Context
Ace, IM Panama
Adam_Y, Flow Field Unity
Alex, Personal Finance Views in the UK
Alex, Science of Identity
Alina Popescu, Words of a Broken Mirror
Amana Mission Publishing Ink, Amana Mission Publishing Ink
Andrew, F&C Directory
Angela, Serien-IM Blog
Annie, If Only I Could Learn ‘How to Write,’ Right!
Annie, Super Fast Reader
AOV Philippines Outsourcing Service
At Home Mom
Aureliusz Kalliokoski, Iscribbler
The Barrow-Wight, Raven’s Barrow
Barry Cox – Scottsdale Homes, Relocate to AZ Homes
bellevelma, Running with Books
Benjamin, Benjamin On WOWNDADI
Bob, Every, Every Minute
Brenda G. Wooley, One Kentucky Writer
Cameron, The Tech Scoop
Car Titans,
Carol Webb
Cass, Cass Knits
Catherine, the Redhead, A Week in the Life of a Redhead
Cathy Marley
Charles Sheehan-Miles
Cheap HDTV
Cherie Lee
Children oil portraits, Guaranteed Portraits
Chris, Leadership in Action
Chris Moore
Church of Integrity
Cindy, Kaleidoscope
Clock Man
constructicle boy
Court, Court’s Internet Marketing School
Comfy – Educational toys, Comfyland
Cricket Videos
Cyberpartygal, She Rambles On
Dan, Rent Bits
Dana, The Writer’s Blog by Dana Pri nce
Darlene, Tough Questions Great Answers
Dave, Go Backpacking
David, OnTheWebEd
David Bowles, Writing the Westward Sagas
davis, In the Arms of God
dcr, dcr blogs
Deborah Gamble, Uncommon Notions
Denise, Freelance Writing
Denise, Tired of Working? Take a Break
Diana Brandmeyer, Next in Dianaland
Diogenes, Fine Art of Blogging
Dirk, Fun Paradise City
djahna, Sure 2 Profit
Jen/domestika, Domestik Goddess
Don, Affiliate Watcher
DRM remover
Dubai, Update Dubai
Dylan, Link It For Me
Emma, It’s Write Now
Environmental News Service, Environmental Graffiti
Eve, WordPress Reworked
Every Square Inch
Everything Anything and Nothing
Fashion Directory
Felix Ker
Forrest Croce
Franck Silvestre, Make Money with Affiliate Programs
Free Online Coupons
Funny Picture Woman
Gaming servers
Glenda Watson Hyatt, Do It Myself Blog
green tea benefits, Tea Scoop
Hank, hoodiaweightloss
Harmony, Writer in the Making
headshot photographer los angles
Heather, A Creative Journal
Holly, Woman Tribune
Howard, Mead on Manhattan
isabella mori, Change Therapy
Ivan, Zona Cerebral
J, Workout Review
Jackie, Practical Wisdom
Jacky, Vermont 251 Club
James, Digital Key
Jan, Circular Communication
Jason , Stock Market Investors
JasonJ, Ask Jason
Jay, Between Looking and Seeing
JC, rnb Dirt
Jeff, Jeff Hendricks on Design
Jenn Mattern, All Freelance Writing
Jennifer, Tree Hugging Family
Jeremy Hobbs, Consumer’s Corner
John, Business Opportunities and Ideas
John Kremer,
John Wilberforce, Hit Flip
John Wolf, Author
Joint Venture Partner
JoLynn Braley, The Fit Shack
Jos, NoDirectOn
Jose Tudor, Tried It Myself
Joyce Bowling, Kentucky the Mountains I Call Home
kalpesh, Implanting Ideas
Kamal, Why Must Visit Malaysia
Karen Alaniz, Write Now
Kate, Electric Venom
Kay Ross
KCLau, KC Lau’s Money Tips
Kevin, Fuel My Blog
Kwiz, Women Walking in Wisdom’s Footsteps
Lakshmi Mareddy, Chilligava
Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer
Layouts, My Space Now
Lazy Boy
legbamel, One Step Forward
Linda Haden
Linda Cano
Linda R. Moore, Raven’s Roads
Lisa Gates, Design Your Writing Life
Lisa Saper-Bloom
Liza, Top Tutorials
Lori Rosmus
Lowell Crabb, Acceleration of Money
Lucid, Spiritual Suggestions
Malok, Sold by Jennifer
Manila Mom
Martha Hilliard
Mary Evelyn Lewis, Virtual Wordsmith
Matt, Cheap Air Soft Guns
Matt Jones, Random Acts of Verbiage
Matthew, Blog about Your Blog
Matthew Cornell, Matthew’s Idea Blog
Max, UK Cottage Rental
Melanie, Thrifty and Creative
Michael, Mobile Phone Geek
Michael Werner, Dream Jobs Dialog
Michelle Gartner, Smart Not Cheap
Miller Caldwell
Mirko, Designer Daily
Mister EDgAr
Moultrie Creek
Moving Master
moxy, Blogocola
Mr Pasadena Lasik Surgery
Nico Lorenz T. Panlican, Life Essentials
Okinawa, HDR Japan
On Web Check
Patti McQuillen, Gaslight Writers
pelf, pelf-ism is contagious
perros, Sobre Perros
Peter, Hit Meister
Peter, tarife’s xanga site
PeterK, High Salary Careers
Pips, Pips Net Future Trends
PODs Print staff, 3-D Printers and Printing Technology
Randa Clay
Randy, The Garden of the King
Renae, Morning Coffee
Rick Cockrum, Shards of Consciousness
Robb, I Need One of Those
Robin Bayne
Robin Yap, Yap 3.0
Ron, Into the Bit
ru4real, Are You for Real?
sami m, Birch Bolete
Sarakastic, Fibromyalgia Experiment
satellite tv
Scott, The Directory Dude
SEO Ninji, Search Engine Optimization
Simon, Yeepage
Sophisticated Writer, Confessions of a Sophisticated Writer
Sports Videos, Dekhona
Steve, 123 Look2Me
Steve Hayes, Notes from Underground
Steven Snell, Vandelay Design
subconscious mind, Erupting Mind
Summer, Summer’s Nook
Sunset Pearl
Susan Hetrick, Advice from the Blender
Susan J, The Urban Muse
Suzanne Wells, Moms in Business
SYH, Women Mumbles
Takeoff Zone
therapydoc, Everyone Needs Therapy
Troy Worman, Process Geek
Two Write Hands
UtahCateringMan, Culinary Crafts
Vahsek, Jack of Some [sic} Trades, Master of Stupidity
Virginia, Katalusis
Virtual Impax
Web Design Business,
web dev, Make a Website
Wedding Cake Lady
Wholesale Cameras, Safety Tech Spy
Wii Fit
Yuwanda, How to Start a Successful Freelance Writing Career
Xavier, TechNov Blog

Disclaimer and advance apology: Although I tried to be accurate, I’m sure there are mistakes in the list. If I left you off or made an error in your listing, please accept my advance apology and post a correction in a comment below.

Note that if whatever was listed as the commenter’s name was the same as the name of the blog, I listed and linked to the blog without repeating the name.

If there is no link for a listing, 1) the commenter doesn’t have a blog; 2) the link was removed from the comment because I found the site offensive (there are only a couple of those); or 3) the link led to a parked domain. I did not check each link, but I clicked on ones that I didn’t recognize the site name from the URL. If the link led to a parked domain, I removed the link as the site no longer exists. If I knew of a URL change since the comment was left, I linked to the current blog.

I also want to thank those who read and reviewed the manuscript of my forthcoming novel, Dream or Destiny. Others offered to read; however, either I already had enough volunteers or they were unable to finish because of schedule conflicts. I appreciate those offers as well.

Special thanks to the following who took the time to read and review the manuscript. Your comments, edits, and insights will make the book stronger, and for that I am grateful.
Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Next in Dianaland
Helen Ginger, Straight from Hel
Mihaela (Mig) Lica, Pamil Visions’ E-Writings
Misti Sandefur, Life of a Writer
Tammi Reynolds, Drawing on Words

Thank you all for a fabulous 2007! I’m looking forward to an even better 2008.

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