Help! Where Did My Prices Go?

In my last post, I linked back to an article on the cost of self-publishing. At the time, I noticed all the amounts showed as zero and made a note to go back and correct the post.

However, the post was written correctly, but every number that had a dollar sign before it appeared as a zero when the post was published. For the time being, I’ve put a space between the dollar sign and the number – I know that’s wrong, and I hate to make deliberate mistakes. 🙂 I’d rather do that, though, than to have the cost of self-publishing appear as zero in my post.

Does anyone have any ideas? What can I do to make a dollar amount print correctly? I suspect it’s something in the style sheet of my theme … but I have no idea what. Maybe the same glitch that puts all emoticons on the left of the post, regardless of where they were really inserted and that left aligns all images no matter what alignment I specify when I write the post.

Thanks for any suggestions you can make.

Note: This just seemed to be a quirk of the theme I was using at the time. After I changed themes, I had no more problems.

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