Blog Day 2007

Today is Blog Day 2007. Participating bloggers are asked to select and introduce five new blogs, preferably of different locations, cultures, or interests.

Here are five of my favorite blogs from far-away places – far away to me anyway:

Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion – motivational quotes and inspiration from Sam Chan of Malaysia

The Case of the Missing Family – online genealogical mystery set in Britain from Thomas Hamburger, Jr.

Circular Communication – communication about communication that flows in two directions from Jan in Denmark (correction: Jan was born and raised in Denmark but now lives in southern Germany)

eWritings – online public relations from Mihaela Lica, a Romanian currently living in Germany

A Place for All Home Office Women Рinformation and resources for home office women from Doris Chua of Kuala Lumpur

And a bonus from far, far away:

Every Day Should Be Christmas – Christmas all year long from Santa Claus himself, all the way from the North Pole

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