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I didn’t know until I read on Writing Thoughts that most blog platforms have a built-in “no follow” code for comments. That means that if you make a comment, the search engines don’t follow that link and give you credit for an incoming link. This was designed to prevent links in spam comments being followed by the search engines, but it keeps legitimate links from being followed as well. Spam comments can be controlled through various plugins (I use Akismet) so the no follow code isn’t necessary.

You can download the Dofollow plugin for WordPress to remove the no follow attribute in the code. It’s quick and easy to do.

Why should no follow be eliminated? Because if you make the effort to add to the conversation by commenting on a blog, you should benefit from an incoming link to your own site. So there’s a No More No Follow movement among bloggers to get rid of no follow.

Several bloggers have posted about this, and some are compiling lists of sites of blogs who have removed no follow. You can find a list at Essential Keystrokes and if anyone else has a list, please let us know in a comment. I remember reading a list in the last day or two at another favorite blog … but at the moment, my mind is blank! I’d appreciate a nudge to my memory.

You can get a nifty little logo to show you’re part of movement from Randa Clay Designs. I added the logo to my sidebar a few days ago. Thanks, Randa.

So where do you stand on No Follow?

UPDATE ON APRIL 18, 2007: I have added the Do Follow Blogroll created by Tricia at Tricia’s Musings. See who is using DoFollow … and consider adding your blog to the list!

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