The Bible Told Them So

At first glance, the subject of this post might not seem to have anything to do with writing. However, I believe the Holy Bible is the greatest book ever written. We can all aspire to that level of writing, but our human attempts will always be pitiful compared to the Word of God.

Columnist Mike Adams has a great column at entitled “The Bible told them so.” In it, he says, “The God-inspired writers of the Bible have always been well ahead of the scientists – “a scenario that hasn’t changed from the days of Moses to the days of Darwin, or even now in the 21st century.” He goes on to give examples of Scriptures that were contradictory to the “science” of the day but have proven to be scientifically accurate. A fascinating article!

I recommend the column … but even more I recommend regular reading of the divinely-inspired Word of God.

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