Look Beyond Tomorrow***

Look Beyond Tomorrow: The Carola Spencer Story is the inspirational true story of my friend Carola Spencer.

An armed and angry man entered Carola’s business looking for his girlfriend. When he found her, he shot and killed her and a co-worker, then shot Carola in the head. Although they were all severely impacted by this tragedy, Carola and her employees inspired everyone who knew them with their remarkable courage, hope, faith, and love.

When Carola’s friends learned she didn’t have medical insurance, we decided to do something to help her. I wrote and published the book both to inspire others who face difficult situations and to raise money for Carola’s medical expenses. Friends of Carola distributed books through their businesses and organizations to which they belonged. Carola has substantially recovered and her medical expenses have been covered. All proceeds from the book are now being donated to a literacy organization.

Read more about how I came to write Carola’s story.

The books have been donated to Literacy Initiatives and Family Endeavors (LIFE), a literacy organization in San Antonio. Carola and I both support the work of this fine grass-roots organization dedicated to improving literacy in an area with one of the lowest literacy rates in the nation.

If you would like a copy of the book ($18.00, which includes shipping), fill out the contact form below, and I will send you information on how to order.