Stroke of Luck

Stroke of Luck
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 9780975479643

After a devastating stroke, Debbie Hunt worries that she will never be independent again. Jake Dover wonders if he will ever find a career that doesn’t bore him. Could Debbie’s stroke be a stroke of luck for both of them?

About the Book

As interior designer Debbie Hunt struggles to recover from a devastating stroke, she is determined to become independent again. Her delightful but interfering roommate, Molly, lines up her nephew Jake Dover to assist Debbie while she adjusts to independent living. The transition from incapacitated stroke survivor to independent woman is a journey of intense physical effort, frustration, business challenges, and emotional trauma. Jake not only assists Debbie with her physical needs but also helps her deal with the fears and challenges.

When Debbie finds herself falling in love with Jake, she tries to forget her romantic dreams and concentrate all her energies on her recovery and her business. Debbie believes Jake deserves a woman without a flawed body, someone who won’t be a burden to him. Jake, who has recently been discharged from the Army, has never been ambitious, and he believes Debbie is too smart and successful for him. Can what they thought was a tragedy really be a stroke of luck for both of them?

Reviews for Stroke of Luck

“Clear as crystal and smooth as silk, Lillie Ammann’s Stroke of Luck is powerfully written. Readers will quickly become absorbed into the gripping, emotionally charged tale of love, honor, and devotion. … Stroke of Luck is an emotionally wrenching and dramatically intense story. Lillie Ammann tackles a very difficult subject with superb insight and compassion. She masterfully weaves a very satisfying love story, which will stay with you long after the story ends.”
~ Suzie Housley for

“If you want a deep romance where the heroine and hero face personal challenges, this book is for you.” 4 STARS
~ Marysa for Timeless Tales (formerly Simply E-Books)

“I am moved to tears more than once…Kudos to the author for tackling such a refreshingly original topic in a romance and doing it brilliantly and masterfully! This book is a must-read for all readers seeking something new yet emotionally powerful.” 4 STARS
~ Defelah Morgan of SIMEGEN

“I found this story to be a beautiful, romantic one that every romance reader should add to his or her collection. Because of its awe-inspiring story line, I feel it’s also a story we can gain a great deal of knowledge from. Lillie Ammann’s life-like characters are sure to capture your heart. It’s bursting with happiness, excitement, tears, and laughter. Ms. Ammann’s storytelling is superb!”
~ Jennifer L. B. Leese of It’s Only Ink

“I look forward to reading more books by Lillie Ammann, who has mastered the craft of writing.”
~Cliff Leach of ROMCOM REVIEWS

“This was a moving account of a woman’s struggle of recovery and self-discovery. Ms. Ammann has created a tale that reaffirms the strength of the human spirit and the necessity of love.” 3 STARS
~ Karen Larsen of SCRIBES WORLD

“STROKE OF LUCK is an extremely detailed and insightful look into the mental, physical and emotional recovery of a stroke victim.” 3 STARS
~ Jill M. Smith of ROMANTIC TIMES

“Bad luck can happen to anyone, at any time, with devastating results. That’s the premise of STROKE OF LUCK, but it’s how the characters face their adversity, and learn to love and live again in spite of that adversity, that gives the story its heart.”
~ Norah-Jean Perkin of WORD MUSEUM

“Jake Dover is a character I will not soon forget. This is a story that is a must for all who treasure a romantic love story told with skill and restraint.”

“This is a very sweet story of two people that can’t see how much they have to offer to each other. They fall in love gradually, having developed trust first.”
~ Fernanda Campos Mehta for HUNTRESS REVIEWS

About the Author
Written by Lillie Ammann

Christian author, editor, and publishing consultant with more than two decades of writing and publishing experience

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