Leadership: It Takes More Than a Great Haircut!

Leadership: It Takes More Than a Great Haircut!
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Genres: How-To, Inspirational
ISBN: 9780965966245

Each anecdote from barber-osopher and motivational speaker Terry L. Sumerlin illustrates an important leadership principle. The entertaining and easy-to-read stories are filled with humor, common sense, inspiration, and practical wisdom. Readers will chuckle and nod their heads in agreement as they improve their leadership skills.

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About the Book

“Terry L. Sumerlin, amiable barber/philosopher and motivational teacher, looks for the meanings in all human encounters. His essays usually start with some ordinary personal or business exchange, in which he sees a theme lesson for leaders: fairness, trust, attitude, first impressions, stress, communication skills. Then, with good humor and an eye for just the right adage or anecdote, he makes his point plain, and signs off with a one sentence “Leadership Principle” worth memorizing.” ~ James Alexander Thom, Award-winning novelist.

“Humorous and insightful, a real shot in the arm for the business leader. Terry has taken a unique perspective, blending daily interactions with business principles…very powerful. A most impressive read!” ~ James Quinn, Jr., General Manager Marriott Rivercenter – Marriott Riverwalk.

“Terry, I really do like your book! Each story is an interesting and enlightening read; the information you share is helpful, practical and full of not-so-common sense! It’s the kind of book that makes a great gift for any age. People over 50 will enjoy reminiscing and “connecting the dots,” while those under 50 will be helped to create and develop their own character base. I can’t think of anyone that would not benefit from reading it – several times!” ~ Laurie Magers, Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Teacher.

About the Author
Written by Terry L. Sumerlin

Motivational speaker and author who relates the important principles of life and business through easy-to-remember, and often humorous, stories and anecdotes.

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