Cherry Tree Dares: Essays on Childhood

Cherry Tree Dares: Essays on Childhood

Growing up in small Midwestern towns during the 1950s and 1960s

Cherry Tree Dares: Essays on Childhood written by Ilene W. Devlin was released in November 2020. In it, she describes her growing up in small Midwestern towns during the 1950s and 1960s. She dedicates her book to those from small towns or who wish they were. Real life is often more fascinating than fiction. To understand our lives as adults, we often reflect on important childhood events. Such adventures shaped us, making us who we are today.“People from my small towns had distinct characteristics. They were open, nosy, friendly, and helpful and encouraged community conformity. My heart will always rejoice in my childhood experiences. Those included trying to keep my active imagination entertained and to understand adults. My journey involved happiness and sorrow, the spectrum of emotions that many children encounter. Come explore life’s mysteries through my essay ‘Cherry Tree Dares’, my black eye in ‘The Chartreuse Monarch’ bicycle and ‘The Last Kiss’ between my mother and me.” Ilene W. Devlin Cherry Tree Dares: Essays on Childhood is the author’s first published nonfiction book.

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166 pages, 5×8 inches, paperback

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Genre: Memoir
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 1735734012
ISBN: 9781735734019
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