A Human Becoming

A Human Becoming
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Genres: How-To, Inspirational
ASIN: 0965966224
ISBN: 9780965966252

Motivational speaker and author Terry Sumerlin blends fact and fiction in this novella about a cruise ship lecturer who teaches the principles of success, yet somehow has lost his own inspiration. How does Terry regain his enthusiasm? This is the experience of one "human becoming."

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About the Book

In real life, Terry Sumerlin is a motivational speaker and author. In this novella, a blend of fact and fiction, the character Terry Sumerlin gives lectures on success to cruise ship passengers and teaches success principles to his son Jon, traveling with him for the summer, through words and examples. Yet somehow this motivational speaker has lost his motivation. How does Terry regain his enthusiasm? The experiences of one “human becoming” will inspire, motivate, and encourage others who are “humans becoming.”

About the Author
Written by Terry L. Sumerlin

Motivational speaker and author who relates the important principles of life and business through easy-to-remember, and often humorous, stories and anecdotes.

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