Signed by the Author

Signed by the Author offers books that are, as the name says, signed by the author. If you are like me and like to collect autographed books, this is a great site to find books by a variety of authors. An autographed book makes a distinctive gift for a reader, and you can request the book autographed to a specific person.

If you are an author with books to sell, Signed by the Author makes it easy. They process the orders and even send you a PDF file containing an address label ready for you to print out and affix to your envelope or box to mail the autographed book. You are required to put their logo on you Web site to assure readers that you have authorized Signed by the Author to take orders for your book, and they take a commission (less than bookstores). Request information for authors if you’re interested.

The site is fairly new, so it will take time to see how well it works. But it looks to me that a good opportunity for both readers and authors. David Bowles has listed his book, and Spring House is one of the featured books right now. David sells autographed books from his own site, but he hopes that Signed by the Author will introduce his books (he’s working on Book 2 in the Westward Sagas now) to new readers.

If you have any experience with this site, let me know how it went.

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