Finding God in the Everyday

Finding God in the Everyday

How do you find God in the everyday experiences of life?

We expect to find God in church and in our private devotions. But have you ever wondered where He is the rest of the time—especially when things go wrong? With humor and poignancy, author Lillie Ammann shares how she finds God in the everyday experiences of her life.

About the Book

Finding God in the Everyday is a collection of 90 devotionals based on events in the author’s life. Each devotional includes an example of how she found God in her everyday experiences along with a Scripture and a prayer. The book is available as a 6-by-9-inch, 220-page paperback as well as Kindle ebook.

Genres: Christian Devotional, Christian Living
Publisher: Armonia Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1944613382
ISBN: 9781944613389
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 4.99
If you like the smell of cookies in the oven and watching reruns of "The Waltons," you will love the folksy flavor of Finding God in the Everyday.
Lillie has written a refreshingly insightful book. Though at times I took a different theological point of view, most often I found myself thinking of ways in which the Scriptures, the stories, and the heartfelt prayers could be applied to my daily life. This book is practical, inspiring, and highly readable.
Lillie Ammann shares stories from her life, showing great insight in how God has used these experiences to help her and others grow in their faith. This book will encourage everyone who reads it to look for God's hand in their daily lives.
I’ve been privileged to be Lillie Ammann’s priest for 13 years. She’s like an onion…lots of layers of wonderful experience, wit, humor, and talent. And God has used those layers in her devotional book.

It in, you will find “Miss Lillie”—pithy, direct, and easily-understood. That comes out, as we would have said in my military career, “loud and clear.” Some other things come out: faith, perseverance, and a lifetime of learning at our Master’s nail-scarred feet—things money can’t buy.

Miss Lillie has applied the narrative of her diverse life to one point—growing in the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ. She’s literally taken her life and given it to us to share what she’s learned at each juncture. It’s a rare gift, and certainly one that will better our world, as she shares her hope in Jesus through the vehicle of her remarkable perspective.

Read this and grow in Him Who is our Hope.

– The Venerable Father CB “Chip” Harper++, Anglican Archdeacon Emeritus of San Antonio, Texas
“Where’s God” is a question everyone asks, particularly when life brings heartaches and difficulties. Lillie Amman answers the question by pulling back the curtain, allowing us to see and feel her personal struggles to find God’s presence in the good, the bad, and the ugly of daily life. Her message: we too can find God when we stop, look, and listen.

Lillie writes with passion and emotion; she allows us to walk beside her and see her discovery of God in her daily life. Her stories are so real and compelling the book is hard to put down. Each chapter includes two items from her experience: a Bible verse showing God does show up and a prayer.

Where’s God, you ask? He’s here with us; we can find Him in our daily life when we look.

You have within your grasp a key to 'Finding God in the Everyday’ or you would not be reading these sentences. Know this, and be prepared for its impact: this little book may be God’s way to help you do just that—to find God in the everyday. That said, as my friend Lillie helps us learn (though she never says it quite this way): the fact is we don’t really need to find God. Nor does He need to find us. He knows right where we are. If we are honest, we know right where He is, too. If we open our eyes, we can see Him. If we open our ears, we can hear Him. If we open our hearts, we can know Him, for “He is not far from any one of us, for in Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:27b-28). Every day. When I read this book by a friend I have known for almost 20 years, a friend with whom I have worked closely on many occasions and on many important projects, I was surprised by so many details and stories I had never heard. I was also blessed to learn “the stories behind the stories” that I already knew. Whether you know her or not, I think you will find the same thing; and, in the end, I think you, too, will think of her as a friend. The faith and stories shared in these pages are not only inspiring, they are instructive. They are helpful. They are down-home. They are everyday. And they are otherworldly. Read and be blessed. Welcome to the life of knowing God in the miraculous, other-worldly, plain ol' life of every day.
– Fr. Jerry Sherbourne
This is an exceptionally good chronology of one's lifetime journey through a myriad of diverse experiences that leaves the reader with a sense of gratefulness for many of the everyday blessings we often take for granted. The devotional format of Lillie's unique, real-life experiences, followed by Biblical Scripture and closing prayer, is a very effective procedure to help the reader arrive at a sense of ultimate gratitude. The book is also helpful and therapeutic in assisting the reader in successfully navigating through their own unique hardships. Lillie Ammann does it again.
Lillie’s ability to view life from a faith perspective encourages her readers to do the same. Stories from her life and Scriptural passages inspire us to rely on God in all circumstances.
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About the Author
Written by Lillie Ammann

Christian author, editor, and publishing consultant with more than two decades of writing and publishing experience

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