Gone from My Sight

My beloved husband Jack went to Heaven this morning. I will miss him terribly but I am so glad that he is no longer in pain and no longer confused. May Light Perpetual shine upon him. O GOD, whose mercies cannot be numbered; Accept our prayers on behalf of the soul of thy servant departed, … Read more

Happy 79th Birthday to Jack

Today is my husband Jack’s 79th birthday. This picture was taken at his 76th birthday party, and he still looks the same. He has a few health problems and has slowed down some, but he’s still just as fun-loving as ever with a fantastic sense of humor. Sometimes he remembers things from the distant past … Read more

Happy 44th Anniversary to Us!

Forty-four years ago I walked down an improvised aisle on my parents’ enclosed back porch to meet my groom, my hero, my colorful character—Jack. We’ve faced a few challenges in our lives, and each of us has cared for the others during illnesses. However, we’ve never lacked for love or laughter. Today we carry more pounds and wrinkles, and we move … Read more

Happy Birthday, Jack!

My hero, my husband Jack, turns 78 today. It’s amazing to realize that we have been married for more than half of his life (and more than two-thirds of mine). Cindy, Jack’s brother David’s wife, shares Jack’s birthday—but even though she’s only a fraction of his age, she says she’s not having any more birthdays. This photo … Read more

Birthdays and Thanks

Last week, we enjoyed a special family celebration. My husband Jack turned 76 years old. My sister-in-law Cindy had a birthday the same day, but she was less than half Jack’s age. Cindy and her husband David (Jack’s brother) live in China so it was a treat to have them here for a joint birthday party. … Read more